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  1. "What's the worst that could happen?"- Barry's fight!

    Now i feel stupid because i am 23 old and i am posting from my workplace. =[ Seriously though, who tha f**k is Barry?
  2. Rarely Used (RU) Tier

    I highly disagree, it may be slow as hell, but the set Choice Band i mentioned is very usable with sheer force. And it has a good bulk to survive some hits without being locked on SP.
  3. Rarely Used (RU) Tier

    I love CB Druddigon, i don't like your coverage though, specially Sucker Punch. I prefer Rock Slide, Crunch and Superpower with Sheer Force.
  4. Wigglytuff

    Audino gets regenerator though, so it is arguably a more reliable Wish passer. I think it would be a good idea if all the outclassed pokes got a overpowered special ability or attack, it would make the game so much more fun.
  5. Creative (and good) Movesets (READ THE OP FIRST)

    I really liked that Registeel as well. Did you thought about to use 252 HP spread? I mean his stats are great in both defenses.
  6. Venusaur

    Elude 1. Evade or escape from (a danger, enemy, or pursuer), typically in a skillful or cunning way: "he managed to elude his pursuer". You meant i was kinda dodging your point, is that it? =S
  7. Venusaur

    Oh, yeah, with that i can totally agree. What would should be a good answer to Heatran on Sun teams then?
  8. Venusaur

    Someone else could have popped it right? And Dug could be sashed, just saying.
  9. One more Trick in my sleeve

    Hi there blaziken662, thanks for the input! On T-wave, well i actually never been locked into it because i never use it before giving band away. That said i will definitely consider changing it to Fire Punch, but against walls i prefer to go i prefer just to Trick instead exploding of my self...
  10. Venusaur

    Well, i don't know what allude means :toast:. But i mean you could do that once balloon is gone, i don't play OU that much but i assume is not THAT hard to pop it.
  11. Rarely Used (RU) Tier

    I like him with Sap Sipper paired with Gastrodon, yep, pretty annoying.
  12. Venusaur

    Pop the air ballon and kill it earthquake maybe?
  13. EasyBake Oven! I Choose You!

    I lol'ed hard.
  14. One more Trick in my sleeve

    Do you think? Even considering that 3 of then are scouters and 2 of then are Trick users?
  15. One more Trick in my sleeve

    Hello Smogon! This is my first RMT, excuse me if i am quite noob, i played Pokemon all my life but i recently discovered the PO world. Also, please excuse me for my poor english, which is my second language, fell free to correct me and land some suggestions on improving the team. So, without...
  16. RU Threat List

    I still don't see the need of banning it. It is very weak to SR, so a hard switch in, gets revenged a lot, crippled hard by paralysis. I for once haven't had that much problem dealing with it, and also got mine stopped really hard multiple times.
  17. RU Threat List

    I don't the see the need of banning Yanmega, as Cresselia with physical bulk investment and CM would dominate the meta. I think it is fine as it is.
  18. 1st RMT + Aggron Pwnage ( RU + UU )

    Props for the Kingdra set, i would like to see that working
  19. The UU Team #1

    Yep, that about it... Don't get me wrong, but there are better screeners in every tier, Alakazam is great, but not for this hole specially.
  20. Life on the Edge: A Perilous RU Encounter

    Luvdisc'ed Great wastory overall, RU is a quite interesting metagame.